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Choosing the Right Destin, Florida Charter Boat (Part 1)

Posted March 10, 2014

Tips on Choosing the right Charter Boat in Destin, Florida for your Deep Sea Fishing Adventure:

I am sure in the world of searching for a Destin, Florida. charter boat for you and your friends or family can be very tough and confusing. They all look the same from a far. I mean they are all just big or small white boats aren’t they? Well they are not and that is where I am going to teach you all what to look for in choosing the right charter boat. In this post and future posts I am going to provide you with a list of things to look for while shopping for the right charter boat. Whether your shopping on line or walking the docks.

1) When walking down the dock, is the boat clean, does it look well maintained, does it have things put away neatly on the back deck or is there junk all over the deck, buckets, tackle hanging every where, old paint job, maybe even chip paint falling off. When talking to the Captain or crew ask to come aboard and take a look inside. Don’t feel shy, I have new customers ask me all the time if they can come in and take a look around. Notice I said new customers. They become customers of the charter boat PHOENIX because it is a clean and well maintained boat. Please visit “Deep Sea Fishing Services”

When looking online, are there pictures of the boat inside and out, if not why? You wouldn’t rent a house, cabin or condo without seeing pictures of the inside and out would you? You are paying a lot of money to go fishing in Destin, Florida these days and part of that is feeling safe and comfortable inside and out for you and your family and friends, so you should be looking for a safe and well maintained boat.

Boats that have cabins, does it have A/C and heat, this makes a big difference especially if you are fishing in hot weather, it sure is nice to go inside to cool off in between fishing spots or any time!

A well maintained boat is a more successful boat and that’s who I would want to be fishing with. Please visit “Deep Sea Fishing Services”

-Posted by Captain Scott Robson 850.837.9734

Red Snapper season begins on the Destin,Fl. Charter Boat PHOENIX

Posted June 7, 2013

Family Fishing on Charter Boat PHOENIX

Wow! Red Snapper season starts off with a bang, I mean some big Red Snappers are being caught on the Destin, charter boat Phoenix. The Red snapper season in Destin, fl. on the Gulf Coast will be for 28 dayS in June and 10 days in October for the 2013 season. The Red Snapper deep sea fishing season for 2014 will begin June 1 st and last for 40 days ending on July 10th. The Red Snappers in the Gulf are getting bigger every year, with fish caught on the charter boat Phoenix averaging 8-10 pounds. Call 850-837-9734 or visit “Deep Sea Fishing Services” now for some great family deep sea fishing adventure!

june 7 2013 red snapper 1june 7 2013 red snapper 2june 7 2013 red snapper 3

May Deep Sea fishing on the Phoenix

Posted June 7, 2013

Amberjack caught on the PHOENIX

Happy boy with his Red Snapper

Nice catch on the PHOENIX

The month of May is a great time for fishing in Destin, Florida, the weather is just right, and big fish are biting. Everything seems to come together in May , the bait fish has moved in, hard tails (big amberjack bait), herring, and cigar minnows. That’s right all the good forage bait for all the big predators has moved in closer to the shore. Bringing in the big King mackerel , Red Snapper and big Amberjacks right behind it. This all makes for some great family fishing.

So if your looking to do some deep sea fishing, May is a great month for it and the weather is just right!

For additional information, please visit “Deep Sea Fishing Services“.

Big King Mackerel

Posted May 22, 2013

The king Mackerel are starting to show up off of Destin Fl. We have been catching some nice Kings on our shorter fishing trips and caught a 48 lb. king along with some amberjacks on a recent 6 hour deep sea fishing trip. A 48 lb. king mackerel is a big king in anyones book, a king that big would take first place in most tournaments. Like the post above these amberjack and this big King Mackerel were caught in May. Time to book your next fishing adventure in May on the charter boat Phoenix. “Deep Sea Fishing Services“

Deep sea fishing for Amberjacks in Destin, Florida

Posted May 22, 2013

Amberjack fishing on the PHOENIX

A fine catch on the PHOENIX

Well the deep sea fishing for Amberjack has been great this spring. Now the hardtails (baitfish) are in, giving us an even better bait for big Amberjacks. Amberjacks are normally a deep water fishery which normally requires an 8 to 12 hour fishing trip, but since the hardtails have showed up I have been catching some big amberjacks on my 6 hour deep sea fishing trips. On my 10 to 12 hour fishing trips along with amberjacks we have also been catching some Scamp and nice Vermillion Snappers. The deep sea fishing in Destin, Fl. on the PHOENIX has been great, so come on down and let’s go fishing. Don’t forget we only have until the end of May to fish for Amberjacks and then it closes for two months and reopens on August 1st. Visit “Deep Sea Fishing Services“

Cobia fishing in Destin Fl.

Posted May 22, 2013

The Cobia fishing in Destin ,Fl. has been good this year, below are some pictures of my anglers holding up Cobia in the 45 to 60 lb. class. We sight cast to these fish using 30 lb. spinning tackle and when you hook one it sure gives you a battle. You normally catch these fish in close to shore in the spring (March- May) but we are also catching Cobia when we go deep sea fishing. I will again be hunting these fish in shallow water in July. They are excellent fish to eat, especially on the grill wrapped in bacon, so come on down and book your next deep sea fishing trip in Destin Fl. on the PHOENIX.

Cobia and AJ’s

Posted March 27, 2013

The Henderson’s caught the first Cobia of the season on the PHOENIX today (3-27-13) The Cobia should be getting better this weekend with the warmer weather and S.E. winds

Spring Break fishing pics on the Charter Boat Phoenix

Posted March 27, 2013

The spring break families are having a blast deep sea fishing on the Phoenix. You can see from the pictures they have been hauling in a mess of fish. They have been catching everything from amberines to snapper. They have been catching some nice sun tans too! There is nothing like getting the family and friends out on the water for a day of some great fishing not to mention the fresh fish for dinner. Enjoying the outdoors this is what life is all about!

2013 Spring Fishing

Posted March 23, 2013

The fishing has been really good this March. We are catching lots of Amberines, white and vermillion snapper on our 4 & 6 hr fishing trips. We are catching big Amberjacks on our 8 & 10 hr fishing trips. The weather has been a little cool in the mourning but turning out really nice in the afternoons. The seas have been fairly calm every day. They have already caught the first Cobia and the piers are starting to catch some now too. The weather has been great and the fishing is great so come on let’s go fishing!

Remodel Pictures of the Phoenix

Posted March 22, 2013

The New Phoenix

Posted March 12, 2013

As many of you may know I bought the Top Gun a 52 ft G&S last year and rename it the Phoenix,fished her all last year with a few new improvements. This winter I did a lot of remodleing and she looks GREAT!, New Fish box, and cabinets on the back deck, New Teak interior, new paint all inside, floors , new counter tops, teak cabinets, new rebuilt motors, new carpet, new painted decks, etc. She is looking great and ready for the 2013 fishing season. I will be posting pictures soon.